Buttoned Neck Wrap and Scarf


This lusciously soft neck warmer is an easy knit,  loaded with loft and texture.
Size: Neck wrap: 5 ½” wide x 24 ¾” long
Scarf: 5 ½” wide x 50” long (not pictured)
Yarn: 200 (510) yds of sport weight yarn (100% alpaca)
Needles: Size US 8 (5.0mm) needles or size as needed to achieve gauge
Gauge: 9 sts = 1” (36 sts = 10 cm) in pattern (gauge not crucial for this project)
Notions: four 1” circumference buttons (neck wrap only)


Flickering Ruffle Scarf



This fully ruffled scarf is inspired by Norah Gaughan’s design: Osprey. A generous ruffle is picked up and knit along the edge of a narrow ribbed scarf. The styling possibilities are endless.


Size: 7″ wide x 60″ long
Yarn: Berroco Flicker, 5 skeins color Camel 3312, 950 yds total
Needles: US 10; US 11 circular needle, at least 29″ long
Gauge: about 4 sts/ in, 5.5 rows/in over st st on US 11


Circulo Scarf with Double Ruffle



The Circulo Scarf with Double Ruffle uses two beautiful ruffle yarns to create this stunning, eye-catching scarf. The scarf is quick to work up and can be made by both beginner and advanced knitters alike.
1 skein Circulo Renda Trico Margarida, and
1 skein Circulo Tecido Trico

Needles: US 2 (2.75mm)

Gauge: gauge is not essential for this project

Spud & Chloe Twister



Twister is a long looped scarf with a ribbed edge on one side and a slightly ruffled edge on the other side. The scarf is designed to flip and twist and the edges will roll. Twister can be worn in a variety of ways, wrapped three times up close to your neck, wrapped twice for a long looped look or with one end threaded through the other.


Size: 62.5″ circumference

Yarn: 2 hanks Spud & Chloe Sweater (55% Wool/45% Organic Cotton, 100g/160yds) color #7501 Popsicle

Needles: US 9 (5.50mm) 40″ circular

Gauge: 4 sts = 1″ in stockinette stitch

Valley Yarns


The Carico Lake Cowl’s large bobbles of mixed turquoise colors shot through with black and silver are reminiscent of the specialty stones mined in a region of the same name in Nevada.

Finished Size: 6” deep x 32” circumference
Yarn: 2 skeins Valley Yarns Enfield (50% Wool/40% Acrylic/10% Alpaca, 100g/110yds) color 6239
Hook: US size L (8.00mm) crochet hook or size needed to get gauge
Gauge: 4 bobbles and 6 rows = 4”

SweetGeorgia Silk Mist


Sweet Georgia’s Silk Mist is an oh-so-delicate cobweb lace yarn made from a divinely cozy and light blend of kid mohair and silk. So versatile, Silk Mist can be worked alone into exquisite lace, or doubled/tripled for a more substantial fabric. And you can add a strand of Silk Mist to another yarn to increase the warmth and luster of your project. Just be certain to check gauge! You’ll love the glowing semi-solid and variegated hand dyed colorways for every kind of project. Made in Canada.


Content:60% Fine Kid Mohair/40% Cultivated SilkCare:Hand Wash Cold, Dry FlatWeight/Yardage:25g/325ydsGauge:variesKnitting Weight:Lace

Buttercub baby pattern



GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows.

* Work 2 rows in garter st over the 24-24-26 (28-28) band sts, work 2 rows in garter st only over the outermost 12-12-13 (14-14) sts. NOTE: When turning mid piece, slip first st. Tighten thread and continue as before. This is done to avoid holes in the transitions *.

The jacket is double-breasted. Cast off for 4 button holes on right band.
1 BUTTON HOLE = K tog fourth and fifth st from edge and make 1 YO. On same row also K tog fourth and fifth LAST st on band, make 1 YO.
Cast off for 2 button holes when piece measures:
SIZE 1/3 MONTHS: 14 and 19 cm
SIZE 6/9 MONTHS: 16 and 21 cm
SIZE 12/18 MONTHS: 18 and 24 cm
SIZE 2 YEARS: 20 and 27 cm
SIZE 3/4 YEARS: 22 and 30 cm

Worked back and forth on circular needle.
Beg on front piece, cast on sts for sleeve and work up to the shoulder. Knit the other front piece, place both front pieces tog and work down the back piece.

Read all of the following section before continuing!
Cast on 43-47-51 (56-59) sts (incl 1 edge st in the side and 24-24-26 (28-28) band sts towards mid front) on needle size 2.5 mm with Baby Merino. Work 6 rows in GARTER ST – see explanation above. Switch to circular needle size 3 mm and work in stocking st but continue to work the 24-24-26 (28-28) band sts towards mid front in Garter st. When piece measures 4 cm, work SHORT ROWS – see explanation above (1st row = from WS). Repeat from *-* 1 time every 4 cm until piece measures 19-21-24 (27-30) cm, then repeat from *-* 1 time every other cm until finished measurements.
AT THE SAME TIME when piece measures 16-17-20 (23-25) cm, cast on new sts at the end of every row from WS (towards the side of sleeve): 6 sts 2-2-3 (3-3) times, 8 sts 1-1-1 (2-3) times and 21-22-22 (25-26) sts 1 time = 84-89-99 (115-127) sts for shoulder/sleeve.
Work inc sts in stocking st. When all sts have been cast on, continue in stocking st and Garter st as before while AT THE SAME TIME also working the outermost 10 sts on sleeve in garter st.
When piece measures 27-29-33 (37-40) cm, insert a marker = mid on top of shoulder. Now slip the 24-24-26 (28-28) band sts towards mid front on a stitch holder. Then cast on 2 new sts at the end of row from RS (towards neck), repeat inc on next row towards neck = 64-69-77 (91-103) sts on needle.
Work 1 row from WS.
Put all sts on a stitch holder.

Cast on and work as left front piece but reversed. In addition cast off for BUTTON HOLES on band – see explanation above. NOTE! Slip sts on a stitch holder after the last row with inc (i.e. last row = from WS).

Work left front piece on to circular needle, cast on 16-16-18 (20-20) new sts (= back of neck) and work right front piece on to circular needle = 144-154-172 (202-226) sts.
Continue in stocking st and Garter st at the end on each sleeve back and forth on needle.
When piece measures 8½-9½-10 (10-11) cm, beg to cast off sleeve sts. Cast off at beg of every row in each side as follows: 21-22-22 (25-26) sts 1 time, 8 sts 1-1-1 (2-3) times and 6 sts 2-2-3 (3-3) times = 62-70-76 (84-90) sts on needle. Continue in stocking st with 1 edge st in each side.
When piece measures approx. 26-28-32 (36-39) cm – fold the piece double at the markers on shoulders and make sure that the back piece is as long as front piece down to rows in garter st, switch to needle size 2.5 mm and work 6 rows in garter st, then cast off.

Sew the sleeve and side seams inside 1 edge st. Sew on buttons.

Knit up approx. 102-106-112 (118-122) sts (incl sts from stitch holders at the front – NOTE: If more/fewer sts have been knitted up, dec/inc evenly on 1st row. Continue in garter st over all sts while AT THE SAME TIME working short rows in each side every other cm – SEE EXPLANATION ABOVE. Cast off when hood measures approx. 21-23-25 (27-28) cm. Sew hood neatly tog at the top – sew in front loop of outermost st to avoid a chunky seam.

Crochet a border around the entire jacket.
Beg at the bottom on right front piece and crochet with 2 threads yellow Baby Merino and hook size 3 mm as follows:
Work 1 dc, * 3 ch, 1 tr in 1st ch, skip approx. ½ cm, 1 dc in next st *, repeat from *-*.
Crochet the same way around the openings on sleeves.

The slipper is worked back and forth from mid back. Cast on 48-52-56 (56) sts on needle size 2.5 mm with 2 threads yellow Baby Merino. Remove 1 thread and work rib (= K 2/P 2) for 5-6-6 (7) cm – adjust so that next row is worked from WS. P 1 row from WS while at the same time dec 14-14-18 (14) sts evenly = 34-38-38 (42) sts. On next row work eyelet holes as follows from RS: K 1, *K 2 tog, 1 YO *, repeat from *-* and finish with K 1. P 1 row from WS. Now slip the outermost 12-13-13 (15) sts in each side on a stitch holder. Work 4 – 4½ – 5½ (6½) cm in stocking st over the middle 10-12-12 (12) sts. Slip sts from stitch holders back on needle and knit up 10-11-13 (16) sts on each side of mid piece = 54-60-64 (74) sts on needle. K every row over all sts for 3-4-5 (5) cm while at the same time after 1½ – 2 – 2½ (3) cm, dec on every other row as follows until completed: Dec 1 st at the beg and the end of row and K 2 tog on each side of the 2 mid sts. Cast off and sew tog mid under foot and continue up mid back in front loop of outermost sts to avoid a chunky seam.
Knit another slipper the same way.

Cut 3 threads light yellow of approx. 1 metres, twine them tightly tog, fold them double and they will twine again, tie a knot in each end. Thread tie up and down through the eyelet holes on slipper.

Crochet a border at the top of slipper on hook size 2 mm with light yellow as follows: 1 dc in first st, * 3 ch, 1 tr in 1st ch, skip approx. ½ cm, 1 dc in next st *, repeat from *-* and finish with 1 sl st in dc from beg of round.

Women’s Pullover Sweater Knitting Pattern

chevpulloverFeatures an interesting zig zag chevron stitch pattern. Size:
Finished chest measurement=40″ Gauge:
16 sts=4″ in pattern stitch with larger needles  Materials:
Size 8 US (5 mm) needles
Size 10 US (6 mm) needles
7 skeins Lily Sugar ‘N Cream appropriate substitution
125 yards/114 meters
2.5 ounces/70 grams Instructions
Chevron Pattern Stitch (multiple of 8 + 1)
Row 1: k1, *p7, k1; rep from *
Row 2: p1, *k7, p1; rep from *
Row 3: k2, *p5, k3; rep from *, end p5, k2
Row 4: p2, *k5, p3; rep from *, end k5, p2
Row 5: k3, *p3, k5; rep from *, end p3, k3
Row 6: p3, *k3, p5; rep from *, end k3, p3
Row 7: k4, *p1, k7; rep from *, end p1, k4
Row 8: p4, *k1, p7; rep from *, end k1, p4
Row 9: Rep Row 2
Row 10: Rep Row 1
Row 11: Rep Row 4
Row 12: Rep Row 3
Row 13: Rep Row 6
Row 14: Rep Row 5
Row 15: Rep Row 8
Row 16: Rep Row 7 Back
With smaller needles, CO 68 sts. Work k1, p1 ribbing 2½”. Inc 13 sts evenly over last row – 81 sts.
Change to larger needles and work in Pattern Stitch for 14″ or desired length.
BO 4 sts beg next 2 rows – 73 sts.
Keeping to pattern, dec 1 st each end every other row 8 times – 57 sts.
Work even until armhole measures 9″.
BO 7 sts beg next 4 rows. Place rem sts on holder for back of neck. Front
Same as Back until armhole measures 6″.
Work 19 sts, place 19 sts on holder for front neck, place 19 sts on holder to be worked later.
At neck edge, dec 1 st every other row 3 times.
Work until armhole measures 9″ or same as Back.
Beg at armhole edge, BO 7 sts, work back, BO rem sts.
Work 19 sts on holder in same manner. Sleeves
With smaller needles, CO 36 sts. Work k1, p1 ribbing 3″. Inc 5 sts evenly over last row – 41 sts.
Change to larger needles and work in Pattern Stitch. Inc 1 st each end every 6th row 8 times – 57 sts.
Work even until sleeve measures 18½” from beg or desired length.
BO 4 sts beg next 2 rows – 49 sts.
Dec 1 st each end every other row 14 times.
BO 21 sts. Neck Band
Seam right shoulders.
With smaller needles and RS facing, beg at left neck edge, pick up 11 sts, k sts from front neck holder, pick up 11 sts along right neck edge, k sts from back neck holder. Please see Picking Up Stitches For Necklines And Armholes for more information.
Work k1, p1 ribbing 1″. BO. Finishing
Seam left shoulders. Sew in sleeves. Seam sleeve and side seams. Weave in ends on WS.

Blue Heron Yarns Rayon Metallic









Blue Heron Yarns Rayon Metallic

Blue Heron Yarns Rayon Metallic is a lovely multicolored dyed yarn. The colors really pop off of the rayon, and the touch of metallic sparkle really adds a fun touch to the yarn.

88% Rayon/12% Metallic
Hand Wash, Dry Flat
5.5 sts = 1″ on US 5-6
Knitting Weight: